Diversity and inclusiveness in Danish businesses

Competencies are not defined by gender

What makes a company diverse? What defines a good leader? And how do we push for competency-based approaches?

These are important questions that not only change and diversity managers, but every employee should ask themselves and reflect upon.

A closer look at Danish businesses allows us to gain a better understanding of how differently diversity can be interpreted and thus implemented. We know of strategies involving calls for different nationalities in the recruitment process and have heard of the idea to introduce gender-blind applications. It seems like there are several approaches on how to make the Danish business more diverse.…

Doing Business with an Impact – The RenSti Story

RenSti logoSustainability within RenSti

Do you know what is your carbon footprint? Have you ever thought about the impact your daily decisions have on the planet? RenSti can give you the answers.

For our blog campaign “Doing Business with an Impact”, we interviewed the two co-founders, Oliver Whimster Martinsen and Oskar Dahl Hansen of the company named RenSti. The two motivated entrepreneurs work primarily with SDG 13 (Climate action), but their service supports a wider number of goals from the Agenda 2030.

Can You Tell Me About Your Business? What Do You Do?

Our company is called RenSti which means ‘clean path’ in Danish.…