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Making sustainability everyone’s business

‘hoodHeroes strives to be the people’s guide to a sustainable marketplace by helping citizens choose sustainable brands that share the social or environmental causes they cherish and the ethical standards they live by. More specifically, ‘hoodHeroes is a rating platform that allows its community to share what they know and think about the sustainability of brands. In turn, this allows everybody to look up, choose wisely and allow the most sustainable companies to win exposure and interest from potential customers, employees and investors.

We decided to interview a Danish startup called ‘hoodheroes for our campaign “Doing business with an impact”.…

Are the SDGs even relevant in developed countries?

Imagine that you are head of a European company. Your business is, like 99% of enterprises in the EU, a SME. Most likely you are operating nationally or maybe within neighboring countries to a lesser extent. One day, one of your employees suggests that the company should start working with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve your sustainability performance. You might have heard about the 17 goals but do not have a clear idea about what each one entails. When looking down the list you see headlines like “End Poverty”, “Zero Hunger” or “Provide Sanitation for All”. Living and operating in one of the most developed and wealthiest regions of the world you are having a hard time aligning the challenges in the SDGs with the reality in which your business operates.