How Collective Responsibility is the answer to our Sustainability Needs

man wearing mask to take steps to stop spread of corona

Today, as responsible citizens we are all engaging in collective responsibility practices to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. 

Be it working from home, limiting our social interactions or washing our hands, we are all taking steps to protect ourselves and our fellow community members.

In the same way as engaging in collective responsibility practices is crucial for curtailing the spread of the coronavirus, we need to take collective action to address our sustainability needs.

Challenges for Sustainability

Climate and Sustainability advocacy are seemingly in a precarious position in the wake of the corona pandemic. No sooner as climate and sustainability action began to take hold in businesses decision-making, the global crisis has dealt a significant blow to its standing.…

Team-Building – How to Use it to Maximize the Sustainability Efforts

People holding hands representing a team coming together

Developments in Team-Building

In just a short amount of time, team-building activities have become an integral and ever-present part of companies activities. This has been brought about due to a number of factors, most obviously the increased awareness of the importance of workforce happiness for success.

Businesses have begun to move away from the traditional competitive and volatile work environment. Rather, it is increasingly recognized that atmospheres which emphasize collaboration and cooperation are more productive. 

To illustrate this, a study made by the University of Warwick, resulted in findings that higher happiness results in a 12% increase in employee activity.