Digitization & Sustainability: A CSR Manager’s Guide

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How has digitization evolved the role of a CSR manager? In the past two decades, digital tools are evolving and becoming a basic need for all companies. Digitization certainly showed importance after the world was gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic. This article will be discussed how the evolving digitization impacts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the benefits of digitization, and how digitization impacts the role of CSR managers.

This article will explore the benefits, changes, and strategic advantages of digital transformation in the CSR community.

Impact of Evolving Digitization
Digital transformation is supported by CSR, companies that have engaged in digital transformation have thought of solutions that were more out of the box, these companies also considered transformations which are not part of the company, as they were not limited to specific problems in a certain process.…

7 Biggest Challenges Employees Face at Work in 2020

How will Covid-19 challenge workers in 2020 and afterwards? Here we look at how sustainable strategies can help address the issues.

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The Covid-19 has not only gripped the world in a public health emergency during the last couple of months but will also have lasting consequences on daily life for many months, if not years, to come. The challenges for employees in 2020 will now be increased. How has your private and professional life changed so far since the pandemic?

The IMF declared that the world faced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. An ILO research said 81% of the world’s workforce of 3.3 billion people had had their place of work fully or partly closed due to the outbreak. 

Considering such circumstances, what challenges will employees face at work in 2020 and onwards?…

How Digitalization will transform the post-COVID-19 Workplace

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Digitalization is the process by which digital technologies and digitized data are utilized to get work done. It is reliant on the process of digitization, where analog is converted to digital. 

This article will explore how the acceleration of the importance of digital technologies will impact your workplace, producing opportunities to take advantage of it to deal with your sustainability needs. 

The Coronavirus crisis has brought into stark relief the importance for companies of digital technologies. With people working from home, it is only through these that work connections are being maintained. 

Even companies that used to be “digitally lazy” have now been forced to step up their digital game be it by using video conferencing, document sharing, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.  Whether they were previously engaging in these practices or not, businesses across all industries have had to adopt digital technologies to keep their operations running.…

How Collective Responsibility is the answer to our Sustainability Needs

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Today, as responsible citizens we are all engaging in collective responsibility practices to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. 

Be it working from home, limiting our social interactions or washing our hands, we are all taking steps to protect ourselves and our fellow community members.

In the same way as engaging in collective responsibility practices is crucial for curtailing the spread of the coronavirus, we need to take collective action to address our sustainability needs.

Challenges for Sustainability

Climate and Sustainability advocacy are seemingly in a precarious position in the wake of the corona pandemic. No sooner as climate and sustainability action began to take hold in businesses decision-making, the global crisis has dealt a significant blow to its standing.…

Team-Building – How to Use it to Maximize the Sustainability Efforts

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Developments in Team-Building

In just a short amount of time, team-building activities have become an integral and ever-present part of companies activities. This has been brought about due to a number of factors, most obviously the increased awareness of the importance of workforce happiness for success.

Businesses have begun to move away from the traditional competitive and volatile work environment. Rather, it is increasingly recognized that atmospheres which emphasize collaboration and cooperation are more productive. 

To illustrate this, a study made by the University of Warwick, resulted in findings that higher happiness results in a 12% increase in employee activity.

Action Learning – the How, What and What for

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Finding answers to your company’s challenges can often be an imprecise and labour intensive process. Deciding on the best decision-making process can be challenging and stressful. This often leads to you being more confused than when you first started. This is where action learning comes in.

Many techniques or theories claim to produce the miracle cure for your company, giving the management and organizational techniques to increase productivity in your workplace. 

In today’s market, it is more important than ever that businesses are able to outmaneuver and learn smarter than their competitors. In this way, they can be at the forefront of innovation, rather than lagging behind. 

What makes Action Learning stand out, is that it is one of the few to take the initiative of empowering your workers to work collaboratively to produce their results.…