Doing Business with an Impact – Above Borders

New Perspectives That Bring Growth

Above Borders is a Copenhagen-based travel company that leads tours in countries considered to be isolated and not typically travelled to by tourists. Their work is geared towards expanding new perspectives and helping people understand cultures other than the narrative that the media negatively portrays.

Can you tell me about yourself and your business? And what exactly do you do?

My name is Jonas Andersen. I’m the founder of Above Borders which is a travel company that arranges tours to some of the world’s most isolated destinations. As of now, we have tours in North Korea and Turkmenistan, with more destinations to come.

Doing Business with an Impact – Copenhagen Charity Week

Copenhagen Charity Week LogoThe fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Therefore, we wanted to see what companies can do in order to change this trend. So, our next participant in the blog campaign ‘Doing business with an impact’ is Laura Petersen, the founder of Copenhagen Charity Week (CCW). They create a bridge between fashion companies and sustainability through a digital platform for NPOs. Their activity is strongly based on SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production while bringing a whole new vision to the industry.

Tell me about your business. What do you do?

The company is called Copenhagen Charity Week, and it provides a digital platform for non-profit organizations to participate in biannual charity weeks.

Doing Business with an Impact – GRIM

GRIM LogoThe Movement Against Food Waste

Did you know that food waste has become a great problem in the agricultural industry? Many people are unaware of the amount of food thrown away, even in their households.

Food is wasted on every level of the supply chain: in the farms, during production, processing, in supermarkets and even in our homes. To put things in perspective, millions of people live in hunger while US itself throws away food equal to 200 billion dollars each year.

We decided to interview a Danish startup called GRIM for our campaign “Doing business with an impact”.…

Doing Business with an Impact – Too Good To Go

The Movement Against Food Waste

Too Good To Go LogoFood waste has become one of the most pressing issues of modern communities, and it’s bigger than most people realise. In fact, nearly one third of the food produced for human consumption worldwide gets wasted. For our series Doing Business with an Impact, Nicoline Koch Rasmussen, Head of Marketing of Too Good To Go introduces us to their revolutionary food saving app.

Too Good To Go aims at implementing SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production by allowing shops to resell their surplus produce, while tackling SDG 2 Zero hunger by offering an affordable alternative to the purchase of full-priced goods.

7 Sustainability Questions for non-CSR Managers

Can You Answer These Sustainability Questions as a non-CSR Manager?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set by the United Nations to provide a framework that can lead individuals and companies towards the achievement of a more sustainable future. Everyone has the same responsibility to implement the SDGs, but businesses definitely have more weight than the other parties in the play.

As companies have a major impact both on the environment and on communities, they must understand in which ways they can operate more sustainably. SDGs can provide a tremendous value for organizations, as together they offer an actionable guide to prepare for the 2030 agenda.…

SDG-Related Opportunities for Danish Businesses

SDG-Related Business Opportunities Could Be Worth DKK 400 Billion for Danish Businesses in 2030

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a set of 17 goals that meet the most pressing environmental, societal, and economical challenges facing the world today. The goals are interlinked, which means that lack of progress on one of the goals impedes progress on the others.

Businesses need the SDGs just as much as the SDGs need businesses. Businesses are dependent on people and planet, and they cannot succeed unless the 2030 Agenda is realized. Therefore, businesses need to engage in the successful achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.…