Why Transparency and Inclusivity are the keys to Successful Leadership

Water drop to show transparency in sustainability business

What is a successful leader?

It can be difficult to define in words exactly what makes a good leader. Like some things, you know it when you see it as much as you notice the absence of good leadership when it is missing. Successful leadership is about driving and fulfilling a vision. It takes action and is capable of inspiring others to work towards and achieve the same goals that the leader envisions.

Productive and efficient leadership can be about so much more than directing the workflow traffic where those below are subservient to the demands of those above, but rather can benefit from maximizing the potential of all team members involved.  A successful leader is able to bring together the different skills and perspectives of a team and encourage them to identify and work towards their shared goals

The damaging effects of poor leadership

In the same way as most people can point to times that they were inspired and driven by strong leadership,  we all have at some point experienced working with a leader with the opposite traits, and the negative effects this can have on our own performance.…

Branding Like You Care: The Future of Sustainable Branding

Sustainability….what is it? Is there a right way to be sustainable? Is there a method? A recipe? 

And what is the so-called green-washing trap? Is there an outlined plan to avoid it? 

Don’t worry, just take a deep breath and let that all sink in. 
It’s been quite a while since Branding Like You Care has occurred. And despite there being a certain number of attendants,  the amount of significant information that was spoken and shared throughout it – was definitely something that everyone has to hear and become educated about. 
When it comes to businesses, it is important to establish a brand that cares, especially to its core foundation and base.…

5 reasons why SDGs are relevant for any business

Sustainable Development Goals were created to build a better world for people and our planet by the year 2030. They offer an inclusive and sustainable future for everyone. All 193 members of United Nations have agreed to pursue the SDGs, but the goals have value not only for governments. They also provide a holistic framework for businesses to apply, show the contribution and manifest the company purpose.

BCtA referred to SDGs as “roadmap for business opportunity”. Recent research of Global Compact Nordic Survey 2019 shows that most of the businesses know about SDGs yet not all of them see the relevancy.…

SDGs in Strategies Event: Through the Eyes of Leaders and Stakeholders

2030 Builders event SDGs in strategies

On January 14th, 2030 Builders hosted an event called “SDGs in Strategies”, that took place in the Verdensmålhuset – the Sustainable Development Goals House. We had a lot of inspiring people coming, sustainability enthusiasts, company leaders and stakeholders of multinational companies such as Leo Pharma and Siemens.

The main topics being discussed were the concept of sustainability, the reason for companies to work with the SDGs and their challenges to overcome.

In the beginning, we asked the participants about their New Year’s resolutions. Their answers were ranging from cutting down meat consumption, choosing bike or public transportation over the car, investing in an electric car, sorting and eliminating waste and even choosing train travel for the holiday’s plans instead of a plane.…

So Sorry Australia, I’m Wondering Who’s Next?

Australia fire Destruction

We salute all companies establishing small initiatives whether it’s being waste reduction, initiating recycling within the organization or protesting against climate change.

But when you look around and see what is happening in the world, you can realize that this is not enough. And even though these initiatives are a great start, there is a need for common responsibility and understanding that we should fight together.

How many of the representatives said, “From today, I’ll do public transportation only.”  “From today, I will stop purchasing unnecessary things that are leading to mass production because it is the cause of damaging our planet.” There is no time to pledge.…

How a Sustainable Strategy Can Help Your Company Grow

With the increasing global focus on climate and sustainability, having a sustainable strategy for your business is more important than ever before. Companies need to look further than their own challenges and create strategies that incorporate work on larger global challenges and trends. These issues are likely to greatly accelerate in importance in the future and change how the world works. In order to survive as a business, a sustainable strategy is key, both to ensure growth and a future where all people can co-exist.

Challenges like hunger and poverty (SDG 1 and SDG 2) affects not only the country that experiences the problem, but also many other countries.