So Sorry Australia, I’m Wondering Who’s Next?

We salute all companies establishing small initiatives whether it’s being waste reduction, initiating recycling within the organization or protesting against climate change.

But when you look around and see what is happening in the world, you can realize that this is not enough. And even though these initiatives are a great start, there is a need for common responsibility and understanding that we should fight together.

How many of the representatives said, “From today, I’ll do public transportation only.”  “From today, I will stop purchasing unnecessary things that are leading to mass production because it is the cause of damaging our planet.” There is no time to pledge. It is time for corporations to change their business model. Do you know what the CO2 print is in your company?

We cannot afford any more “business as usual” and are looking only at our own benefits. We need to listen more to scientists than corporate leaders.

The question we need to ask ourselves is “Why are we willing to pay for wooden brushes and metal straws, but are not willing to invest a similar amount in the future betterment of our ecosystem?” It’s not about meatless Mondays, it is a change of a lifetime that has to be made.

The climate problem is an economic problem caused by the assumption that our nature and resources are infinite. With the blindness of big checks and high profits in the reports, we circulate our focus on the wrong possessions. We see personal harm we inflict on ourselves as a choice. But why do our environmentally damaging activities also have to influence those that do not have an opportunity to say something against our decisions?

We have the ways and resources to act sustainably. We have discovered solar and wind renewable energy. But what do we do? We still burn fossil fuels into our atmosphere. And it is fair to state that the influence and the carbon print we leave on the world, will only come back to us and our future generation like a boomerang.

A large percentage of corporations that are oblivious to their harmful and unsustainable choices will continue convincing themselves and everyone else that the brief concept of a “climate change” is not real. It’s always easier to avoid the acceptance of personal responsibility, much harder than coming to the conclusion and realizing that you are indulged in stealing somebody else’s right. 

We give our rights to corporates, we trust the process. But since when did we allow corporations to take the most important resource that a human being has? The right to breathe clean air.

The amount of money being donated to Australia is great. But do you know how much does 1 cubic meter of fresh air cost?

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