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Sustainability within The Green Club

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2030 Builders is ready to present the next company story in our blog campaign related to sustainability and entrepreneurship: the Green Club. It is run by two highly motivated female entrepreneurs who want to reduce the environmental impact other businesses have on our planet. More specifically, they are working with SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). We talked with the co-founders of “The Green Club” Simone Nikander and Emmanuelle Dyer.

Can You Tell Me About Your Business? What Do You Do?

Our business is called ‘The Green Club’ and we are providing sustainable merchandising and promotional products for companies. We founded it at the beginning of January, so we are at an early stage but already spark the interest of different companies whether in Denmark, Sweden or France.

the green club teamWe realized that sustainable merchandising is actually something that companies are looking for but it is really difficult to find merchandising that is environmentally friendly. There are options but there’s no one that is only focused on offering a broad rage of sustainable merchandising, except in the United-States. That is how we came up with the idea for building our business.

While increasing our clients’ level of sustainability, our aim is to make it convenient for people to choose sustainable merchandising and to make an ethical decision.
We want to focus on products that can create brand value and reinforce our clients’ storytelling through customized solutions.

Tell Me About About Yourself and Your Team

Our team consists of Emmanuelle, who has both French and English roots. She studied her Bachelor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and is currently studying the Master in Management of Business Creative Processes at Copenhagen Business School. Besides that she has a background with strategic planning for early stage startups. Then there is Simone, who is Danish, and just finished her PBA in innovation and entrepreneurship. She has a strong background working in Marketing, mainly digital. Apart from that she has previously been involved in another startup focusing on circular economy

How Is Your Product or Service Sustainable?

We are putting a lot of effort into finding the right suppliers. It is important for us to find manufacturers in Europe because we want to lower the environmental footprint of our products even though it would be cheaper to get them manufactured in Asia.

We also want to make sure that suppliers can and will actually live up to our demands and quality levels. We want to make sure that they use materials that are recycled, biodegradable or organic.

Do You Think That Sustainability Is Important and Why?

I think it is very important. Personally, I would never think about creating a business without including that part. I think it is very crucial and I do not understand, to some extent, why it is not a common practice. If you produce something, you have to give back in some ways. If you can produce it in a greener way, it is your responsibility to do it.

“Green has gone from being a disparagement to becoming a badge that no smart company would risk being without. Ethics are similarly en route to becoming a strategic imperative.”

— John Dalla Costa, Ethical Imperative

How Is Your Product or Service Connected to the Sdgs and Which One Particularly?

We are connected to the 12th SDG: Responsible consumption and production. We fit in that goal because we want to make promotional products greener and allow companies to be more responsible.The Green Club holding the SDG 12 in their hands When we talk about merchandising, we are talking about products that have a short term usage. Therefore, we want to emphasize on the quality and provide longer lasting merchandising, compared to traditional one, while making it greener. We want to foster change and encourage people to take better care of the planet. An excellent example is the seed card. It is a card made from recycled paper which has seeds embedded in the paper. You can put it in the ground and it grows a flower or whatever types of seeds have chosen. That is one type of product that could be customized and clients could give it to their customers. Isn’t it more fun to receive a Christmas card like this one than a traditional one?

What Are Your Next Steps for Making the Company Even Greener?

Our priority is to find the right suppliers that fit both the quality and that are on the sustainability level that we require. And this can be difficult because when it is about merchandising we are talking about products that can be printed, office supplies but also apparel. This means there are different types of suppliers that we have to reach out to be able to have our catalogue of products.

It is going to be a challenge and it is also a big next step for us.

Do You Have Any Tips for Other Companies That Want to Work with the Sustainability?

It is important to figure out how we can make an impact through small things. I would say just do it, the information is out there and it is easily accessible. It is also about changing the mindset of companies towards sustainability – they actually are interested in making this change!

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