Sustainability engagement platform

Your employees’ safe place to practice sustainability.

Create a supportive environment for your sustainability strategy to thrive. The 2030 Builders engagement platform is a playground for your employees to learn and practice their sustainability skills. Safely. Before making real-life day-to-day decisions.

Sustainability strategy

What our users say

2030 Builders is the right partner to work with for accelerating our sustainability mission. They were flexible to customize the solution to our needs and very fast in execution, in 3 weeks from contact we were ready to train our teams.”

Inger Bygum
Global Sourcing & Sustainability Manager, Alfa Laval

“2030 Builders supported us in creating a bespoke game that spoke to our sustainability strategy. Participants really enjoyed sharing ideas and an opportunity to come together and discuss. The report has been very useful and will play a key role in shaping our sustainability education approach.”

Tovah Basierak

“Using this platform will give you one concrete and feasible goal on how to move on with a sustainability culture in your company. This is the first time I have seen such smooth help for companies.”

Jesper Toft

“Platform provides knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals and I can leave the table with an action plan.”

Heidi Bøtcher Sørensen
Copenhagen Zoo

“It was especially nice that we ended up with a few sustainable projects that we can work on in our daily work. We had a lot of fun playing it as a game.”

Andreas Klinke Johannsen

Our platform

Ready to go modules

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Track the progress of your employees, department and the whole company towards sustainable development goals. The user dashboard integrated into the 2030 Builders engagement platform and a personalised report provides you with all the necessary data for taking effective and data-driven decisions on your way towards sustainability.

Biking to work daily? Eating plant-based food for one week?

Sounds like your team deserves recognition! Reward your employees for their sustainability actions. The 2030 Builders engagement platform motivates your employees by engaging them to earn coins and certificates. Your employees will spend the coins to vote for the best ideas on initiatives to further improve the sustainability of your business.

Challenge your team. Try challenge-based learning.

Challenge your team with weekly tasks to step up the sustainability game. Whether you are aiming for net-zero or reducing water consumption. How? We got you covered with our custom cut courses on how to reach your sustainability goals. The 2030 Builders engagement platform provides a collaborative learning experience. It’s fun!

Let the sustainability conversation flow

…to keep the green wheel rolling. The 2030 platform engages your employees in the sustainability dialogue. Listen to your employees’ ideas and let them drive your sustainability initiatives. Thanks to the in-built features allowing for ideation or addressing managers with questions, it has never been that simple!

Ready for the ripple effect?

Engaged & empowered workforce

Meeting your sustainability goals

Supporting the right sustainability initiatives

Effective branding and communication

Attracting top talent

Making a resonating impact


Is this an e-learning or a training solution?

The 2030 Builders platform is a place where participants can safely engage with sustainability. By facilitating simulation experiences and providing opportunities for participants to collaborate, ideate, and take ownership of sustainability concepts, we empower employees to act. Our goal is to ensure all members of the organisation are learning, understanding, and practising behaviours in alignment with the sustainability KPIs of your company.

For whom is the platform designed?

We want to move beyond simply ticking the box when it comes to sustainability compliance.

As such, our service is for organisations dedicated to ensuring their employees have a deep and meaningful understanding of sustainability and the company’s sustainability strategy. We work with organisations that want to avoid greenwashing, take the right steps towards sustainability responsibility, and see how these actions translate into real impact in the world.

Our product is designed for employees of these organisations. The 2030 Builders engagement platform makes it easy for all members of an organisation to relate to, understand, and act on sustainability.

Do I pay once or is it a monthly subscription?

We offer a range of payment solutions according to each company’s needs. This includes both one-time payment and per-user subscriptions, depending on the services you are interested in.

Can the platform’s content be customised to the company’s needs?

Absolutely! Nothing is one-size-fits-all when it comes to sustainability. This is why 2030 Builders is dedicated to finding a seamless integration process that works for each of our partner’s unique needs.

How many employees can have access to a company account?

All of them! Our mission is to make sustainability accessible, relatable and actionable for all employees. As long as you have an active company account, you can have as many employees using the platform as you desire.

Is this an individual learning or team activity?

The 2030 Builders platform is designed for both individual learning and team experiences. However, we strongly believe that no one person can change the world alone, thus we prioritise the delivery of engaging, collaborative opportunities.

How much time commitment is recommended monthly?

This depends on the interests and dedication of your organisation and its members. Participants can begin with as little as 30 minutes of platform engagement per month.

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