Climate Action

Would you like to engage your employees in mitigating climate change through to your sustainability strategy?

Climate Action

Would you like your employee to learn how to reduce their impact on the environment?

Climate Action

Do you want your employees to better understand climate change?

Module overview

With our Climate Action module, your employees gain a better understanding of climate change by becoming familiar with its causes and consequences. Together employees can explore how they can mitigate both their own, as well as your organisation’s climate impact. The entire organisation benefits from each employee to set and reach actionable climate KPIs


Value for your organisation

  • Explore climate change and ensure a common ground level knowledge in the organisation
  • Identify areas of action related to climate change and set related KPIs
  • Create a climate action plan to reach your KPIs, encompassing different departments and actors

Value for the employees

  • Explore climate change causes and consequences
  • Scope your individual impact on climate change
  • Take action in and outside of work to mitigate climate change

Your report

Scope the sustainability challenges that could affect your organisation and get insights into your employees’ ideas and vision.

For each module, you can receive a personalised report with input from your employees in relation to sustainability and to your organisation’s strategy. This valuable information is gathered and presented to you in a report after completing each module and can help you evaluate the perspectives of your employees.

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