Sustainability understanding

Do you want to upskill your employees in sustainability ?

Sustainability understanding

Do you want to build awareness and involve all your employees in your organisation’s sustainability journey ?

Sustainability understanding

Do you want to scope how sustainability can impact your organisation in the future ?

Module overview

This module provides employees with a common understanding of key sustainability concepts and dilemmas. Through quiz questions and engaging gamified learning, your employees become aware of social, environmental and economic challenges. They explore how your organisation can address these global and local issues, and transform some of them into business opportunities.


Value for your organisation

  • Explore the sustainability timeline and core concepts
  • Become aware of sustainability’s increased urgency and relevancy
  • Identify global and local challenges that your organisation can address

Value for the employees

  • Gain a clear understanding of sustainability
  • Become aware of global and local challenges, and empowered to address the most relevant to you, both professionally and personally
  • Test your knowledge about sustainability concepts and dilemmas

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Your report

Scope the sustainability challenges that could affect your organisation and get insights into your employees’ ideas and vision.

For each module you can receive a personalized report with input from your employees in relation to sustainability and to your organisation’s strategy. This valuable information is gathered and presented to you in a report after completing each module, and can help you evaluate the perspectives of your employees.

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