Sustainable Decision Making

Do you want sustainability to become an integral part of your decision-making processes?

Sustainable Decision Making

How can you help your employees make more sustainable decisions at work and in their personal life?

Module overview

With a focus on both personal and professional decision-making, this module makes participants aware of the impact they can have on sustainability through their everyday choices. They learn how to use data and identify areas of action to integrate sustainability into their department’s decision-making processes. Employees will become more engaged, allowing the organisation to become more sustainable within their department and through collaborating with others.

Value for your organisation

  • Explore how to integrate sustainability to your decision-making processes
  • Identify actions to take and make informed decisions in each department
  • Train cross-departmental collaboration for the organisation’s sustainability transition

Value for the employees

  • Assess your personal and professional habits and learn how to make them more sustainable
  • Gain new skills by learning how to act upon sustainability at work
  • Make a positive impact through your job

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Your report

Scope the sustainability challenges that could affect your organisation and get insights into your employees’ ideas and vision.

For each module, you can receive a personalised report with input from your employees in relation to sustainability and to your organisation’s strategy. This valuable information is gathered and presented to you in a report after completing each module and can help you evaluate the perspectives of your employees.

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