SDG 1: No Poverty


Eradicating poverty in all its forms.


According to the UNPD, eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Across the globe, more than 800 million people are still living on less than US$1.25 a day. For many, lacking food, clean drinking water, and sanitation, is a part of everyday life.


With many different initiatives in both the public and private sector, the goal aims at reducing the proportion of men, women, and children living in poverty, by at least 50% before 2030.
This includes creating sound policy frameworks at the national, regional and international levels. Based on pro-poor and gender-sensitive development strategies, the targets under Goal 1 include aiming for a world where people living in poverty are not vulnerable to climate change and have equal rights to economic resources.

2030 Builders background
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How are companies working on it:

PTT Global Chemical Public Company – Soap in Thailand:
In collaboration with School of Cosmetic and Science, Mea Fah Luang in Thailand, PTT Global Chemical aims to alleviate poverty in the surrounding comminutes by teaching the local community how to make soap with natural raw materials found in the local area. PTT Global Chemical also provides the glycerin and technology needed to produce the soap.

(Source: SDG industry matrix – Energy, Natural resources & Chemicals)

DBL Group – Fair price shop in Bangladesh:
DBL Group created a fairprice shop in Bangladesh called ‘Bandhan’. The shops serves low income workers by providing essentials and commodities at the manufacturers’ factory price. The shop aims to reduce workers’ monthly expenditure burden and shelter them from
economic inflation.

(Source: SDG industry matrix – Industrial Manufacturing)

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