The SDGs have an important role to play within the CSR departments. Corporate Social Responsibility departments contribute to making businesses more sustainable.

However, sometimes it might not be clear where to act and which strategies create the biggest impact. SDGs present a clear framework to identify and understand sustainability strategies.

With the SDGs for CSR strategy training, players end up with a solution that can be implemented as a CSR project. Through a series of steps and questions, players start by identifying a problem and move on to discuss the best possible solution.

Our training delivers effective and realistic strategies that can be implemented in your company.


We train the participants to consider the resources available, to identify feasible and effective strategies that achieve the best “money for impact”, and we encourage the players to reflect on which partners would best assist the company with its implementation.

Our SDG-based training will ensure that your CSR action plans follow the strategies and priorities that were identified and vouched for by experts and multiple stakeholders worldwide.

This particular training will guide the participants to devise a plan that maximizes external impact and internal benefits. Our focus is on: impact frameworks, co-creation, and smart partnerships.


3 Benefits of the SDGs in CSR training

1. Customized Impact strategy
2. SDGs Compliance
3. Best / worst case scenarios formulation

Our training consists of a set of guidelines that encourages participants to reflect on possible solutions for their company. As such, the training is never abstract or theoretical. We offer hands-on training that is customized to every industry, field, and company.

Any final strategy that the participants end up with will meet at least one Sustainable Development Goal. Therefore, solutions are informed by the SDG framework and its implementation will mean that you are complying with the framework.


✔ Strategic Management can use the training to find sustainable partnerships and develop an SDG Strategy.
✔ CSR Department obtains a ready to implement project plan and will be able to include the SDGs in its reporting.
✔ HR Department can engage and educate the future leaders on impact creation.
✔ Communication Department will share an SDG story with stakeholders and communities.
If you are seacrhing for another way to make use of our SDG training, try visiting our product page for teambuilding or sustainability. 


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