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SDGs in Sustainability Strategy – Sustainability at the core

Incorporating the SDGs in the company’s production processes and business models creates several competitive advantages.

Sustainability strategies deliver value through reduced operational, reputational and regulatory risk; decreased operating and supply chain costs; enhanced product value propositions attracting greater market share or price premiums; and/or growth via new markets or product innovation.

In the SDGs in Sustainability strategy training, our focus is on sustainable frameworks and sustainable business models.

Players end up with a solution that can be implemented in the company’s business processes. The game is structured in order to make players reflect on the company’s production and operations.

It helps companies uncover circular opportunities that you might have not considered before; and inclusive business opportunities, which, when implemented, will earn the company a greater market share while positively impacting the society.

The game also helps the trainees to detect efficiency losses and unnecessary negative impacts in the company’s production process.

3 Benefits of the SDGs in Sustainability Strategy training

  1. Competitive advantage exploration
  2. Hands-on knowledge in sustainability frameworks
  3. Create shared value

Who can benefit from this training

  • Strategic Management can use the training to align their business model with the SDG strategy.
  • Sustainability Departments can map the impact of SDG related decisions.
  • HR Departments can engage and educate future leaders on sustainable thinking.
  • Communication Department will share an SDG story with stakeholders and clients.
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