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SDG Game for team building – learning by playing

Meeting the SDG goals by 2030 is, necessarily, a collaborative effort. Company’s staff must understand the importance of transitioning to sustainability, and they must understand what the SDGs stand for.

2030 builders_teambuilding

The SDG Game for Team Building will provide this general understanding while encouraging the members of the teams to work together to achieve this same purpose.

This version of the game gives players a general understanding of the SDGs, the ability to identify problems and come up with a strategy to solve them and an understanding of the different roles and interests regarding the SDGs – within and outside their companies.

At the end of the game, players will achieve a solution that might be implemented.
The focus of the SDG Game for team building is on teamwork, a general overview of the SDGs, and it encourages curiosity and interest for sustainable development and its corporate intersection.

3 Benefits of the SDG Game for team building

  1. Collaborative problem-solving
  2. Validation through role-playing
  3. Play for impact

Who can benefit from this

All departments that are looking to strengthen their collaboration, learn to co-create and align sustainable thinking while having fun and feeling entertained.

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