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3 fold applicability – same vision

We help you identify which Sustainable Development Goals are relevant to the context of your company, regarding resource efficiency, economic growth, and long lasting impact.

2030 Builders is an SDG Strategy Training delivered on a 3-tier structure: sustainability, CSR or teambuilding. All share the same vision of inspiring companies to transition to 100% sustainable business models, regardless of their field/industry, without compromising their growth.

2030 builders SDG training

How does SDG strategy training work?

All our gamified trainings take players through a set of processes that foster the achievement of these overall gains:

  • An holistic approach to strategy creation and validation
  • Role-playing
  • Co-creation through serious play
  • SDGs Knowledge
  • Creative problem solving
  • Goal-aligned partnerships

In 6 hours you have a new sustainable solution, innovated from inside your company and with people motivated and ready to actively participate in implementing it.

Mia Negru, co-founder and CRO of 2030 builders

If you are interested in learning more about 2030 Builders and how we can help you develop a more sustainble strategy for your business, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding chat.