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Working with goal number 17 – partnership for the goal

Businesses, today, are increasingly interested in establishing strategic partnerships. Partnerships between companies imply risk sharing, resource pooling, technology convergence, industry deconstruction, and knowledge diffusion.

2030 builders_partnerships

In the context of sustainable development, partnerships are imperative. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development encourages companies to partner up with SMEs.

Although SMEs are, on average, less innovative than big companies, many reach levels of innovation and productivity superior to the latter.

These partnerships trigger innovation and they benefit society as a whole.
Finding strategic partnerships is a crucial part of our game. Our training gives participants information about 3rd party solutions that address the problem selected during the game – from start-up companies, researchers, and innovators. These solutions can inspire new ideas and possible future partnerships.

Partnerships between small and big enterprises benefit both, as the companies have different strengths that complement each other. While large firms have more experience and resources, SMEs are more flexible in experimenting with different business models and products.

2030 Builders provides a platform for win-win collaboration: startups acquire new customers and new markets; corporate clients innovate with sustainable results; and society, in general, benefits from a more sustainable world.

3rd Party Solutions

In this page, you can find business ideas that address the sustainable goals and suggestions for partnerships. You can filter these by Sustainable Development Goal.

At this moment, we are gathering information about Danish companies, but our aim is to offer 3rd party solutions from all over the world.

If you have a sustainable product, service, material, idea, and/or framework that you want to see featured as a 3rd party solution in our game you can get listed in our system