Culture & Workforce Transformation

It takes an entire organisation’s effort to become sustainable. From strategy to culture, embed sustainability into your company’s DNA. Empower your employees to lead the journey towards green transition.

Mindset & Conviction

Transformation has to be connected with personal and professional beliefs and resonate with the emotional and rational state of mind of the employee.

Action & Reaction

Reinforcing the rewards mechanism for the positive change ensures associations and consequences anchors around the desired behaviour.

Peer Benchmark

Encourage your employees to adopt, lead & reward sustainable behaviours in a safe environment and practise systemic thinking in their decision-making.

Holistic Data

Deep dive into your organisation insights to better analyse and explore the causality between data and employees behaviours, so you can better forecast the outcome.

How sustainability inspires the culture

Shared Responsibility  Purpose – Strategy- Culture

Goals and priorities should be aligned with your existing business target and ensure that sustainability is understood as a strategic issue. Walk the talk with all levers of the organisation from CEO to employee

Listen, Measure and Validate

Active reflection practices for both emotional and rational employees and making them accountable for their actions. Measure, track and report by comparing data through departments to advance the progress

Our Human Magic

Build your employees’ self-esteem and confidence. Focus on meaning, autonomy , mastery and a growth mindset. In order to boost their satisfaction in the workplace and improve their performance.

Build a champion  culture

Empower your workforce to become advocates, let them spread the good word and reinforce your sustainability reputation towards all the stakeholders

people looking at laptp

Using this platform will give you one concrete and feasible goal on how to move on with a sustainability culture in your company. This is the first time I have seen such smooth help for companies.

Jesper Toft


You can collect data through our platform the whole way through your green transformation process.

Embed sustainability in your organizational culture

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