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One of the driving forces of a company is the human capital. Attracting & retaining talent is key for success, this is why employees are today even more relevant. By connecting your employees to your company’s purpose will noy only generate value but will increase the productivity and creativity inside your company.

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By working with 2030 Builders you will be able to connect purpose and employees for a better company culture and a more productive working environment.

Using this tool will give you one concrete and feasible goal on how to move on with the SDGs in your company. This is the first time I have seen such smooth help for companies to take that first important step and get past the bewilderment and confusion. It is useful in engaging middle management, project teams and specialists in moving forward and can be used under your current strategy with your current team.

Jesper Toft,

It was especially nice that we ended up with a few sustainable projects that we can work on in our daily work. It is a really good way to get companies to work and think about the SDG’s in a new way and we had a lot of fun playing it as a game. We especially enjoyed the role play part, because the different roles made us validate and think about our chosen project in different ways than we normally would have done.

Andreas Klinke Johannsen,

The Impact Plan provides knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals and I can leave the table with an action plan. The game can help indicate whether there is a large gap between the managements’ strategy for implementing the SDGs and the employees view on the issue

Heidi Bøtcher Sørensen,
Copenhagen Zoo


This is how you onboard your organisation with SDGs in 4 hours.

2030 Builders software will introduce and onboard your employees into SDG and sustainability novelty. By working in groups they will be able to discuss and work hands-on with the 17 Goals or a sustainability concept.


Did you know you can integrate sustainability into your business model in 10 hours?

By using 2030 Builders software you will be able to customize your journey and deep dive into sustainability frameworks and green business models, thus your company will gain competitive advantage and become more agile.


Can you build a sustainable strategy within 16 hours?

Map today’s challenges and proof your business for the future. By looking into the future of work, technology and value, companies will be able to identify the next growth and how to stay relevant, while achieving long lasting impact.

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How can SDGs provide value for your organization?

Agenda 2030 is a plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development by 2030 worldwide.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs identify the most urgent social and environmental challenges and outline a list of targets to be accomplished in the near future. Companies lack the information and clear direction for contributing to the achievement of Agenda 2030. Failing to take action today will increase the pressure on your business from the authorities, customers, and employees in the future.


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Impact Play is an innovation software to engage employees in sustainable strategy building. In the process, teams transform today's sustainability challenges into business opportunities. A gamified and digital design sprint takes employees on a hero journey from one specific Sustainable Development Goal to a ready to implement solution.

The gains are two folded: the company owns the innovative solution while the employees are more engaged and motivated to actively participate in its implementation.

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