Supplier Engagement Solution

Equip suppliers with essential skills and knowledge to deliver to your sustainability needs

Boost supplier engagement and sustainability in your supply chain with our toolkit. Our platform promotes efficiency, innovation, and ethical responsibility, focusing on compliance with frameworks like CSRD, CSDDD, SBTi, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, ESRS, and ISSB.

Discover How

Make goals achievable

Make your sustainability Goals visible to your suppliers while connecting them with the right educational tracks and actionable tasks. Personalize their learning journey and sustainability training, ensuring alignment with these objectives. This approach not only guides suppliers effectively but also maintains focus on achieving tangible improvements.


Engage with interactivity

Ensure a deeper understanding and practical application of sustainability principles through a learning experience both effective and enjoyable. The interactive approach keeps suppliers motivated and better equipped to implement sustainable practices and gather the data you need for reporting.

Foster collaboration

Create a dynamic environment where suppliers can engage in collaborative forums and workshops, designed to foster open communication and shared learning. The collaborative setting not only strengthens the supplier network but also facilitates the integration of sustainability practices into their core operations, driving collective progress towards sustainability goals.

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Reporting and Analytics

Export data reports that showcase the engagement progress of your suppliers in understanding, acting and reporting. Mitigate your sustainability risks by supporting the suppliers lagging behind and by providing information on upcoming requirements in good time.

What are the benefits?


Enhance supplier engagement by tracking their sustainability progress, from awareness to active involvement. Our method improves communication and understanding of your sustainability criteria, while also identifying supplier challenges for collaborative solutions and shared learning.

Compliance through Alignment

Enhance your environmental compliance and align your suppliers with your sustainability goals, focusing on Scope 3 emissions. The program offers essential insights for your supply chain, contributing significantly to your sustainability objectives. It also empowers suppliers to manage, reduce, and report emissions, ensuring your entire supply chain meets global sustainability standards and complies with regulatory requirements.

Speed and Flexibility

Speed up your supply chain communication with our targeted, fast content delivery. A program that condenses complex information into personalized, easily digestible content, and eliminates hundreds of hours spent on back-and-forth email communication, repetitive questions, and the sharing of documentation.  A streamlined alternative to lengthy workshops and one-on-one sessions.

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