From ESG compliance to ESG culture

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Discover a single platform that combines education, engagement, and reporting, providing a holistic solution to elevate your sustainability efforts.


Receive individual learning on various sustainability topics, empowering your employees with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact.


Embark on a fun and interactive learning journey, fuelled by rewards and certificates, keeping employees motivated every step of the way.


Access comprehensive data to monitor your employees’ sustainability progress, enabling you to make informed decisions and strategize for the future.

Why Prioritize Sustainability Education and Engagement for SMEs

    Drive Business Growth: align employee actions with your company’s sustainability goals and values to boost overall business performance and success.

    Strengthen Stakeholder Relationships: build trust, foster transparency and strong relationships with your stakeholders.

    Mitigate Regulatory Risks: ensure compliance with ESG regulations, equip employees with risk assessment skills for resource management, waste disposal, and ethical considerations, mitigating potential legal and operational risks.

    Attract and Retain Talent: enhance credibility and brand reputation by having a sustainability focus.

    Access Financial Support: differentiate your value preposition and increase funds accessibility.

    Unlock Cost-Saving Benefits: empower and activate employees to optimize resource allocation with sustainability knowledge

    Meet the sustainability criteria that your customers demand for

    Discover the Benefits

    Why us

    • Relatable and actionable content. Access engaging and practical content that resonates with your employees
    • Engagement methodology. Unlock best practices in sustainability that keeps participants actively involved and motivated throughout the learning process
    • Customer requirements expertise. Tap into our expertise of compliance and requirements in sustainability in big organisations
    • Actions to be reported on. Monitor your employees’ sustainability progress and drive continuous improvement.
    • Localisation. Cascade the same learning path to different geographies.
    • Rewards and certificate. Recognize and reward the achievements of your employees with certificates and incentives.

    A comprehensive range of topics to choose from


    • Intro to ESG
    • Pollution
    • Supply Chain and Climate Change,
    • Biodiversity
    • Climate Change
    • Carbon Retail
    • Energy
    • CO2
    • Waste


      • Gender Equality,

      • DEIB (Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging)

      • Human Rights

      • Supply Chain and Social Ethic

      • Health and Safety

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