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Is this an e-learning or a training solution?

We combine the benefits of both sustainability e-learning and traditional training. Our solution is a collaborative experience. Participants engage in active learning and peer learning, which makes the concepts relatable and actionable. Above all, the digital interaction and unique methodology deliver a higher engagement and involvement of participants than a classic training/workshop. Our goal is for your employees to use sustainability knowledge every day at work and beyond.

How many people can participate?

The entire organization can go through the same experience on the same day. We provide roll-out opportunities for both a town hall or a team set-up.

Is this a fully virtual facilitation?

Our solution works equally well for physical teams, remote teams, or mixed teams. Our platform on the main screen virtually facilitates the experience. Participants will send inputs from their phones or tablets. Enjoy the speed, flexibility, and sustainability of not having an in-person facilitator.

What is the outcome of the experience?

We make sustainability relatable and actionable for all your employees. Consequently, they build and advance the sustainability culture at your organization. In addition, we deliver an insights report from every game room, so you can better understand the motivations and choices of each team.

Can the experience be customised to our needs?

Yes. Every experience can be customized with your company’s knowledge, specific content, and calls to action you decide on.

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