Communication Manager

As a Communication Manager, 2030 Builders can help you turn your employees into sustainability advocates and build a strong company reputation within the organization and on the market.

Communication manager

Sustainability communication starts with authentic stories and endeavours

Build internal understanding and alignment around the sustainability goals by engaging employees in taking part in the strategy execution.

Keep the pace of communication on your employees’ sustainability progress using our real-time feedback and reports.
Enhance communication in the workplace especially between staff and leaders, but also among peers. This offers them a safe space where they can discuss and come up with ideas and initiatives.
Embed your employees’ sustainable activities and achievements in your company narrative, creating new good stories to share with key stakeholders.

A Communication Manager can help activate an employee’s willingness to support and consolidate the organization’s brand reputation

Engage leaders in the process and give your sustainability initiatives credibility inside and outside company walls.

Get your people involved in being part of the sustainability agenda, make them feel valued, and turn them into your main advocates among communities and corporate stakeholders.
Include employees in the developmentof new sustainable initiatives and inspire them to tout actions outside of work, spreading good behaviours.
Use data that demonstrates your commitments and actions are meaningful, embrace transparency and integrity and avoid the green washing trap.
Showcase your commitment and effort to making a difference creating an authentic and compelling narrative about what you are doing and the social value you are creating.
Transparent positive impact Authentic communication allows employees to connect their stories with the companies values to deliver high performance.
Sustainability communication and engagement

Our employees enjoyed the experience and we were happy to have used a different and more engaging way to convey our message while educating them.

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