A Leading Pharmaceutical Company’s Journey to Net Zero with 2030 Builders

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As one of the largest and most influential players in the pharmaceutical industry, this leading company is renowned for its innovative treatments in diabetes care, obesity, and rare diseases. Committed to improving health and driving sustainability, the company has set ambitious goals to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its operations. As part of this commitment, the company is focused on empowering its employees to contribute to these sustainability objectives.

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical company faced the challenge of effectively anchoring its sustainability strategy within its Eastern European headquarters, located in Warsaw, Poland. The goal was to ensure that employees understood the importance of the company’s net zero strategy, how climate change affects the business, and how each individual could contribute to achieving these goals. Moreover, the company wanted to foster a collaborative environment where employees could engage with sustainability topics, particularly climate change and waste reduction, and develop actionable solutions.

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How 2030 Builders Helped

To address these challenges, the pharmaceutical company partnered with 2030 Builders to pilot an innovative sustainability engagement program. The pilot program included two key courses: one focused on climate change and the other on waste management.

  1. Climate Change Course:
    • Objective: To provide employees with foundational knowledge about climate change, its impact on the business, and the company’s strategies to achieve net zero emissions.
    • Format: This course was designed as an individual learning experience, enabling employees to understand why the company is pursuing net zero, what climate change entails, and the specific initiatives the company has implemented.
  2. Resource Allocation and Waste Management Course:
    • Objective: To encourage employees to collaborate on waste reduction strategies and implement circular economy principles in various business areas, including product packaging.
    • Format: This was a collaborative learning experience where employees discussed and developed ideas on reducing waste and integrating circular models into the company’s operations.

Engagement and Impact

The pilot program saw high levels of engagement from employees, who actively participated in the learning modules and collaborative challenges. Key outcomes included:

  • Challenges and Solutions: Employees submitted solutions addressing key sustainability issues such as reducing Scope 3 emissions, minimizing water and plastic use, and managing gas emissions and food waste. These solutions were evaluated based on risk, opportunities, impact, and feasibility.
  • Green Coins and Recognition: Participants were rewarded with “green coins” for their contributions, with the most engaged employees receiving recognition through the company’s internal reward programs. In total, 2588 green coins were awarded.
  • Collaborative Success: The program included 17 collaborative training sessions, with participants spending a combined 31 hours online and earning 94 badges for their achievements.
  • Team Competitions: Employees formed teams and competed to generate the most impactful sustainability ideas, fostering a sense of competition and camaraderie.


The partnership with 2030 Builders successfully engaged the pharmaceutical company’s employees in Poland with the company’s net zero strategy. By combining individual learning with collaborative activities, the program not only enhanced employees’ understanding of climate change and waste management but also empowered them to contribute actionable solutions. This approach has positioned the pharmaceutical company as a front-runner in sustainability, ensuring that its employees are well-equipped to advocate for green transformation both internally and externally.

By leveraging 2030 Builders’ expertise and tools, the pharmaceutical company has taken significant steps towards achieving its sustainability goals, demonstrating how corporate and individual efforts can align to drive meaningful change

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