Strategy Anchoring After Merger & Acquisition 

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A medical device company successfully operating, have management in more than eight countries. Improving healthcare by taking initiatives in innovation, comprehensive solutions, sustainability and global footprint.  Anchoring the new mission, vision, values and strategy across all offices plays a pivotal role in employee satisfaction and empowerment. 

After the M&A, the focus of the company was strategy and value communication, which had to combine all headquarters in different markets. Therefore, the focus was to take in consideration employee feedback and worries and create clear goals and intentions for every individual in the organisation to follow.

The challenge for the company was the communication of the new strategy for their organisation. The approach should be inclusive, comprehensive and easily implemented from top to lower-level employees. Undoubtedly, this is where the 2030 Builders solution comes into place. Providing a digital infrastructure and reaching each employee in record time.

The Solution – Partnering with 2030 Builders 

2030 Builders provided strategy anchoring, a solution combining sustainability and strategy together. Our task was clear to make a seamless journey towards making strategy communication tangible. Undeniably, without having a clear strategy anchoring, reaching KPIs and company goals is difficult. Hence, 2030 Builders emphasized on incorporating company goals and daily tasks for employees to have clear guidance and understanding. 


  • Simpler and faster way to communicate the new strategy 
  • Saving time and energy in combining all offices in traditional method
  • Visualize strategy in a simplified and understandable layout
  • Ability to gain real time feedback and opinions 
  • Gamified modules with sustainability, company strategy and goals give employees the chance to enhance their knowledge in an entertaining manner


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