Sustainability Mind Shift the Convenient Way

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A leading global heavy industry company providing heat transfer, separation and fluid handling, have made their purpose of creating excellence by integrating people, planet, sustainability in their organisations DNA.   

The focus for this company was to make sustainability accessible to their logistics employees, to create a transition in their employees’ knowledge and actions. The challenge was to create the mind shift in employees in order accelerate growth in performance from delivering fast and delivering green.

This is where 2030 Builders can provide assistance and deliver a solution to solve the challenge. 

The Solution – Partnering with 2030 Builders 

2030 Builders provided with the know-how of creating the mind shift in employees and the “why”, to dig deep into internal motivations which would transition into work performance in the long run. 2030 Builders modules were based on employees interacting to mind map and create solutions on how to make sustainable balance between company profit and customer demand. The solution was created within the first three weeks of initial customer contact. A total of 15 sessions were provided for the company to indulge in and create the change in their employees.   


  • Time management 
  • Convenience 
  • Outline, videos and design customised to suit the customer
  • Open and safe environment to discussion 
  • Gives employees a voice 
  • Build trust and confidence for the brand 


Results of the company from using the 2030 Builders sustainability engagement solution

Next Step?

Curious how 2030 Builders can help your company implement the green mind shift while being time efficient? Then come and take a tour of our solution!


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