Green Upskilling

Activate your employees through a green upskilling program and discover their  innate barriers and desires for professional development in a fun and interactive way.  

Which skills do we need to be equipped with for the future?

A smooth transition to a green economy requires a massive shift in capabilities. The capacity to learn and evolve is the key to staying successful as an organization and as an employee, in times of continuous change.
Discover the latest research findings about Green Upskilling and what steps Companies and Employees should take in order to be successful in their Sustainability journey.
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Motivation & Purpose

The power of motivation gives employees a greater decision autonomy, enabling them to master the skills they want to develop, and creates purpose.

Sustainability capabilities

Your organisation capabilities will make or break your sustainability goals. Design and champion sustainability projects and empower managers to embed sustainability in every project.

ESG Competences

Delivering on an ESG strategy can create a competitive advantage on the market. We help you create a shared understanding of key value creators and align your communication to stakeholders.

Making a clear plan for green upskilling of your employees is one of the crucial steps in make a lasting sustainability strategy

   Upgrade your employees’ motivation 

Empower your employees to become an active part of the sustainability goals of your organization Provide knowledge through edutainment, by incorporating entertainment elements into the learning process
Deliver an agile workforce, ready to cater to the market demands Drive decisions based on data and employees’ motivation
Equip your workforce with the desired skills and competencies to create an impact

I appreciate 2030 Builders for combining well-founded sustainability expertise with tech know-how and learning science. The interactive sessions make it easy to learn because they make people interact, reflect and discuss

Theres Bertsch

Sustainability Manager EU & CEE, Henkel Beauty Care

2030 Builders Sustainability Competency Framework

Discover 2030 Builders  Sustainability Capability Framework

Our Capability Framework provides a common ground to employees and guidance to organizations, advancing a consensual definition of what sustainability as a competence entails.

This framework defines a set of knowledge, skills, attributes/behaviours that can help organizations map and identify their employees’ sustainability knowledge, analyze the gaps and create a clear roadmap to develop an upskilling strategy.

Why a capability classification framework is crucial for employee development?

  • Gain time in identifying gaps
  • Establish a brand reputation in order to attract new talents
  • Provide employees with management expectations
  • Ensure that values are shared in a work environment
  • Deliver data insight about performances and efficiency
  • Create a culture of professional development

Build ESG competences

Enhance your workforce’ green skills and ensure they are ready for the green economy demand.

Provide clear and relevant information to make your workforce understand how what they do on a daily basis connects to the organisation’s ESG strategy and goals.

Encourage your employees to acquire skills and practices in a creative, human environment where an open communication line allows them to share their new ideas.

Build your employees’ self-esteem and confidence in order to boost their motivation in the workplace and improve their performance.

Empower your workforce to become agents of change and advocates, let them spread the good word and reinforce your ESG reputation towards all the stakeholders.

It takes collaboration in order to gain more knowledge and competencies in your green skills

Organizations have the responsibility to support their employees to acquire new skills, adapt for future jobs and become fosters of talent.

40% of workers will require reskilling at six months or less by 2025

94% of business leaders report that they expect employees to pick up new skills on the job vs 65% in 2018

Source: Future of Jobs Report 2020

2030 Builders Platform can give your employees a safe place to practice their new green competence's and learn more green knowledge.

Nurture the skills and thrive in the future

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