Team-Building – How To Use It To Maximise The Sustainability Efforts

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Developments in team-building

In a short time, team-building activities have become an integral and ever-present part of companies’ activities. This has been brought about due to a number of factors. Among others, the increased awareness of the importance of employees’ happiness for success.

Businesses have begun to move away from the traditional competitive and volatile work environment. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly recognized that atmospheres in which emphasis is on collaboration and cooperation are more productive. 

A study by the University of Warwick illustrates how important it became. Its findings show that higher happiness results in a 12% increase in employee activity. On the other hand, workers who were unhappy were 10% less productive than the average.

As part of the changes to company culture, regular team building activities have become a staple at most businesses. These often take different forms, with the widespread popularity of set aside days and regular events to improve employee morale.

However, the scepticism among workers of the futility of team-building exercises is increasing. For some employees, the idea of team building creates images of over-bearing bosses and forced fun experiences.

However, team-building needs not to be the cringe-inducing experience as which some happen to portray it. Rather, it represents a rare, genuine opportunity to upskill and develop relationships among your staff. 

Free from the regular work environment, your company can make a genuine effort to improve the connections amongst its staff.

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2030 Builders can help you upskill your employees while encouraging good working atmosphere.

Team-building – how does it really help? 

Potentially the main benefit of a successfully planned team building is the opportunity for increased communication between workers. In other words, activities that are engaging and enjoyable create an environment for people to better get to know each other. 

Team-building should be fun and a break from the normal routine for staff. However, to maximize their potential, you need to plan them properly. As result, they may have a tangible impact. Your employees will enjoy the opportunity to get out of the traditional office routine, but there is a way of combining this with tangible, significant benefits for your company. 

It has been proven that the relationship between learning and happiness are closely related to each other. This is due to the fact that they both produce the release of dopamine which in turn leads to the creation of new neurons and new neural connections. 

People in traditional learning environment

Team-building can result in a positive impact on productivity.


Improve productivity is one of the most common goals that team building activities include. This takes the opportunity to identify to improve the key three P’s – Policies, Processes and procedures. Employees, when given the opportunity to learn together, can develop skills to work more productively as a team.


Having a workplace where your employees are motivated and engaged is an obvious key to success. But having team-building activities where employees can work together to achieve common goals can feed into the momentum of your company.

Subsequently, it gives them confidence in their own abilities and those of their colleagues to productively achieve tasks together.


Many businesses will claim and emphasize their communication capabilities. But in practice, these often include a one-way communication model

Good communication relies on the development of a strong feedback loop. Here the receiver of a message understands its contents and can reliably relay that to the sender. This feedback can take the form of acknowledgement of the message, further questions or suggestions to the message

One of the main benefits of a successful and well-planned team building activity is the improved communication lines between employees. It sounds cliche, but enjoyable and fun activities serve to break down barriers between people and take them out of their comfort zones.

By doing these things relationships between colleagues can be enhanced, collaboration improved and employee buy-in maximized. However, for all these benefits to be served, it must always be emphasized that for a successful team-building activity it must serve a greater purpose than being solely a ‘day out of the office’.

This is where 2030 Builders can help maximise the potential in team-building. 

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Team-building may bring numerous benefits, for instance, productivity and effectiveness.

2030 Builders and team-building

At 2030 Builders we believe that our platform can provide the perfect tool to maximise the potential of your company’s team-building activities. 

Whilst most people agree as to the benefits of team days and team building, there is a serious side to the positive results. Whereas for some people they can be seen solely in terms of providing an opportunity for a break from work it can provide the perfect opportunity for the development of skills and knowledge for your staff. 

Development and upskilling can be a crucial part of the team-building process. Employees feel engaged and valued when they can see that their company recognizes the commitment that they have put into it and vice versa. Therefore, the opportunity to examine sustainability issues and work collaboratively on company-specific solutions can produce the perfect environment for your company’s team-building experience.

Our platform combines co-creation and gamification to help companies to develop successful CSR strategies. This powerful tool provides the perfect platform for employees and companies to work together while dealing with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

Gamification allows us to bridge the gap between the enjoyable experience of learning and keeping up motivation. By engaging your employees in a team day that combines an excellent learning experience with a fun activity you can get the best of both worlds

Firstly, your employees will feel valued as they are engaging in an activity that is valuable both for them and the company. Meanwhile, your employees will get all the traditional benefits of strong team-building exercises. They will achieve it by being able to work together to come to common solutions. 

Our Sustainability Engagement Platform

Essentially, the 2030 Builders’ digital tool is a platform that brings together the best in training and strategy development as well as technology and gamification. Its purpose is to create a positive impact. 

By using new immersive technologies and moving away from the traditional methods of learning our approaches can keep users engaged. This will enable you to maximize the potential of team-building exercises, and move your company towards reaching its sustainability goals.

If you would like to learn more about how you can incorporate our technology into your company’s team-building exercises, follow this link to book a demo.




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