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A leading beauty care company operating in 150 countries and hold a leading market position globally. They have made sustainability development the key to shape their business operations and create economic success. 

The company faced the challenge of creating clear communication and embedding the sustainability strategy in the organisation. Therefore, they wanted sustainability to be an integrated part of the culture of the organisation. The goal was to fill the knowledge gap about the company’s sustainability efforts and the implementation of these efforts. In order to create professional and personal growth in their managers and employees.  

In searching for assistance with communicating their sustainability efforts the company discovered 2030 Builders. 

The Solution – Partnering with 2030 Builders  

What 2030 Builders delivered, was a sustainability engagement platform with tailor-made and gamified modules. To create a smooth journey for employees at all levels to understand sustainability and endorse and embrace the strategy. Modules were based on awareness for the company’s sustainability efforts. Thus, providing insights on how company efforts impact individuals as well as what benefits are the results of the efforts.  

Benefits for employees

Through the sustainability engagement platform, employees are now in full control of their contributions and actions towards sustainability with respect to their work life balance. They have the opportunity to openly create discussions as a team and reflect on each other’s thoughts, actions and opinions. Employees are encouraged to be in charge of their own learning and understanding of sustainability, choosing which actions to take and which topics to increase knowledge in. With clear communication employees have a clear vision of the company’s sustainability goals, strategies and efforts to become brand advocates.    

Benefits for managers 

The 2030 Builders platform, provides managers with in-depth insights on employee understanding, emotions and thoughts connected especially to the sustainability topic. The platform creates clear communication, empowering managers to increase efficiency, job satisfaction, team performance and a better alignment.   

Prior to partnering with 2030 Builders, managers would have to find solutions to communicate the company’s sustainability efforts. As well as how encourage sustainability in the work environment with employees involved and contributing. With 2030 Builders, managers can easily connect with employees and plan ahead to what needs to be communicated and implemented, creating trust and safe space for communication. 


Results of the company using the 2030 Builders sustainability engagement solution

What’s next? 

Wondering how 2030 Builders can help your organisation communicate sustainability efforts to make your employees brand ambassadors and avoid green washing traps? We at 2030 Builders would love to know your challenges and give you a preview of our solution. 


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