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Being able to provide high quality chemical management to multiple customers in the aerospace, medical devices, electronics and automotive industries, this company thrives in delivering the best products and services. Currently the company operates in Asia and all over America. They heavily focus on leadership sustainability as well as creating a greener future for the coming generations. 

For the company, it is pivotal to incorporate sustainability throughout their organisation. Therefore, it is vital to build valid sustainability communication to reach their managers and commercial managers globally. Hence, the main challenge for the company occurred in conveying the knowledge about SDGs at a global stance. With this intention, making sure everyone grasps the message and idea of how to use the knowledge.       

2030 Builders, who are expertise in SDG’s and have a high level of professionalism in delivering results made this company overcome their challenges. 

The Solution – Partnering with 2030 Builders 

2030 Builders showcased the importance of having awareness of the 17 SDGs and knowing what it means to commit to goals. At the same time explained who is measuring the results that are presented in sustainability reports. 2030 Builders created modules explaining our own methodology for SDG adoption, the ABCs of SDGs in an interactive and relatable way. Giving everyone the opportunity to take part in training the 17 SDGs with learning about the 169 targets and 231 indicators of action points for the company and employees to act upon. The sessions were created in 5 languages to suit the company’s global employees in Europe.       

Benefits for the employees

Employees are now engaged with their company’s actions and commitments towards the SDGs. Which delivers enormous amounts of trust towards the brand. The modules helped employees eliminate doubts and confusion about the company performance in the market. As well as change their mindset in regards to how transparent their company is. The modules presented how to look, investigate and find information to avoid greenwashing. The experience allowed employees to gain confidence in their own and the company’s work. As it contributes to doing something ethically and morally correct.  

Benefits for the managers

For managers these modules were a success, providing them with insights on how to identify greenwashing in the market giving them the upper hand in front of their competitors. Managers globally can contribute in increasing satisfaction and performance by emerging the knowledge about SDGs. The platform gave the opportunity of evaluating and exploring all the SDGs goals with real life scenarios which managers can apply in business activities and operations.  


Results of the company from using 2030 Builders sustainability engagement solution

Next Step?

Want to integrate the ABCs of the SDGs in your organisation? Then book a demo and explore what the ABCs can do for you with 2030 Builders.  


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