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A globally active company with well-known laundry and home care products have successfully transitioned from thinking green to acting green. They own carbon neutral production unit factories and do not indulging in projects for carbon offsets. The company invested heavily into their R&D and production line to reduce their scopes 1 and 2 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.  

The challenge the company was struggling with was to train their commercial roles employees in climate change and circular neutrality. The company wanted to emphasis the importance of the climate crisis as well as how everyone is impacted by climate change and CO2. The company desired something easy, accessible and inexpensive to train these topics instead of wasting hours on training that are not relatable, memorable or actionable.    

This is where 2030 Builder can help!   

The Solution – Partnering with 2030 Builders

With 2030 Builders the company received the platform with gamified modules having the cartoon layout, to make the modules not only fun, interactive and memorable. 2030 Builders makes sure to provide a solution which is understandable but also actionable. Therefore, the modules include two perspectives, behaviour which allows people to understand patterns in purchasing and measure. Duty and responsibility perspective reviews the actionable ways to adapt to green efforts. Such as demanding for sustainable choices and business activities so everyone in the organisation takes action.

Benefits for the employees

The modules gave employees a deep understanding of how processes are being conducted in the entire supply chain and where their company’s green efforts lead to. Complex topics such as circular neutrality, carbon neutral scopes 1 and 2 and climate crisis were brought to a basic ground level to make them comprehensive. Employees had the freedom of contributing with relatable examples and actions. Employees feel positive and assured of working with a company which works towards doing the right thing for the planet, building brand ambassadors for their brand.   

Benefits for the managers 

For managers, the modules created a path of working towards the company’s carbon neutral efforts. The experience and engagements are actionable, creating growth for both their personal and professional life. The modules creation was related to different work department employees. In order to give managers aspects from their point of view and work field. This gives managers the opportunity to live by example and work by example to encourage others around them.  


Results of the company from using 2030 Builders sustainability engagement solution

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