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A global company operating in the heavy industry, provides high quality products in different product segments. Aiming to increase efficiency and market attractiveness by producing sustainable products.  

The head of sustainability encountered the challenge of creating and encouraging individual learning processes to eliminate conflict of calendar and planning. The main purpose of individual learning was to allow individuals to take their time and fully comprehend the information presented on sustainability. 

The Solution – Partnering with 2030 Builders

The company was presented with a solution which incorporated gamified learning methods such as video, text, graphics and visual elements to make their employees wiser in sustainability training and choices, company efforts and ESGs. The purpose of the module was to allow employees to pick and choose topics they want to gain knowledge in and what actions they want to commit to creating a self-learning environment. 


  • Limiting meetings, calendar scheduling and time for learning
  • Convenient, easy, attainable and interactive individual learning 
  • Accessible at any given time and location 
  • Build self-confidence in individuals 
  • Creates safe learning environment  


Results of the company from using 2030 Builders sustainability engagement solution

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